The perfume of Babies

Working in Japan, we designed for Japan, for Shiseido.

There’s a story there, digging in, building the fluency of designing to another culture, in that culture; it’s not American design, transported to work in the Japanese markets, it’s designing with a Japanese aesthetic, a cultural influence, to build market offerings to that culture, that demography, those buyers.

That means you have to know that culture in a intrinsic manner — you should speak that language, be capable of reaching into the holistic spirit of that environment, those people, know the shelves, grasp the culture.

Move in.

Embrace that realm.

For our brand development and packaging work for Shiseido — inside the states, in Japan — the idea of engaging in that especial world has long been part of our spirit the journey for the spirit of presence, of people, of cultures, of mystery.

We walk in, go in, that line.

To that end, one of the first products we did was for babies {Angel Dew, above] — that too, an unusual realm of demography. But “baby-ness” is another language — and knowing babies might be something to actual maternal and paternal consciousness. And we are fathers and mothers, so we can find a way to move into moving mothers, key purchasers of products like these.

To the idea of babies, one point is their perfume.
The smell of babies —
why then, would you want to “perfume” them, when they have such a captivating concretion of fragrance, unto themselves?

The perfume of Babies
Because there could be more, to the perfume of a baby’s scent.

Some believe, that there’s a scent, to be added to the foundational fragrance of the
baby’s composite layered scenting,
like Dolce & Gabbana’s expression for babies.

There’s the core baby scent, natural — and the D&G tuning additive to that scent.
Explore, to learn more.

There’s a scent, inside the scent, there’s a story inside the story.

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