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THE AUTHENTICITY OF THE TRUE Real people, real brands, enterprises that are true. Have you been with someone, a person, a brand, that’s untrue — to you? You had an impression, then you went to “meet” them, work with them, buy from them —...

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Blog: Built to Last: Authenticity Brandstories

True Brands | (2nd in the series) In some recent branding workshops in White Plains, I’d explored, as an opening exercise for the executive team, the concept of brandstories in the context of personal experience. That is: what brand affected you —...

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Blog: The Concept of Good

Card from Frances May, photo by Girvin What about goodness? Brand, story, soul, humanity, beauty. Why then, can one desire too much of a good thing. [“As You Like It”] I was speaking with a client about the nature of goodness, in the truth of the brand...

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