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Blog: Hey, that’s designy!

The etymology of design, the signature of personality — and your presence. The design of you is what you make of it. The design is you. Your story, your musculature, the tracery of your nerves and veins, how you draw, hold a drawing tool –what you see,...

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Blog: The Symbolism of the X

What lies beneath: the nature of the x, the cross road, the crossing guard, the mark of the x and the magic of the nexus. Girvin imagery | screen or site shot from handheld The symbolic allegory of the x mark. When I was in Bali, I was surprised by the...

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Blog: Matt Groening

Matt Groening & Tim Girvin: Cartooned life Meditations on careers, creative and titles. I met Matt Groening first at TED, 2007. More often than not, people have said that the big connection that I have with college is cartooning. “Hey, you’re from the...

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