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Blog: The Magical Alphabet

The journey of designers invariably involves the alphabet — and most of the rest of us — yet oftentimes we forget the majesty and depth of that system of ancient marks. And most don’t comprehend that the alphabet, while perhaps mostly seen as a series of antiquated...

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Blog: Designed Magic

The Strategy of Marks, Meaning, and the Transportation of Magic: Intentional Transformation In my history, and a string of blogs, I’ve commented on the notion of design, magic and their intertwinement. It’s been pointed out by some that such a discussion is infertile...

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Blog: The Quest For Magic

The Journey of Mystery — Finding Soul, Designing Creativity, Building Solutions. Finding What Can’t be Known I revisit this earlier journal entry. Part of my history, as some know, is a viral curiosity that takes me to some unlikely places. Looking for answers,...

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