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Blog: The Luxury of Authentic Brands

The heart of the genuine: exploring the concepts of authenticity, history, brands and the place of luxury. I’d open with the meaning — and the combinational character of the idea of truth fullness — and its apparent luxury in telling — are true...

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Blog: The Goodness of Truth

It would be better if it was true In the soul-searching of positioning and the right angle of brand, to story, cult and culture and truth in the telling, the woven fabric of brand experience and the personality of that narrative will be far better if the foundations...

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Blog: The Script of Being

Who are you, anyway? In several recent conversations with client companies, there has been a gesture to a kind of invention — like: “make me something I’m not.” “trying to look, speak, sound and feel like something” else. “I don’t like how we look.”...

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