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Blog: The Quest For Magic

The Journey of Mystery — Finding Soul, Designing Creativity, Building Solutions. Finding What Can’t be Known I revisit this earlier journal entry. Part of my history, as some know, is a viral curiosity that takes me to some unlikely places. Looking for answers,...

Blog: The Question in the Quest

Every great journey starts with a question. The ask is the foundation of listening: you ask, you learn, you speak, you hear, you lean in, you’ll sense and see more wholly. Because you’re closer. The big question always comes as the off hand remark, that if you’re...

Blog: What Are You Looking For?

The Quest for Knowing In a manner, we’re all trying to know more. And you are what you know. You shall be what you shall be, as you make your way. When it comes to the pathway of design, we forget about human-ness, the conditions of our sensuality. Finding the...

Blog: Wowness

The Quest for Amazement I’m a Scot; and “wow” is a Scottish word from the 1500s. I find another reference of equal interest, the Southern New England Algonquian [Narragansett] framing, the “powwow.” powwaw “shaman, medicine man,...