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STRATEGIES OF INTENTION AND ATTENTION IN BRAND-BUILDING COMMUNICATIONS Find Brand Heart: The Resonance, Brand Relevance and The Clustering of Relationships — the three indices of connectivity and community Brands have to matter to be unforgettable. Given the flooding...

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Blog: Listening

Paying attention, appreciative perception and the emotionality of listening Isn’t it interesting, the way people lean-in? Leaning-in, they’re paying closer attention— why is that, is it a hearing expression? “I lean-in so I can hear better?” In running brand summits,...

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Blog: You Are Nowhere

Brands That Have Nothing To Say. As a designer, I think about layers. And I think about messages. Content. Holism. Contentment. Direction. There is a sign, but it’s empty. It has nothing to say, no place that it points. It’s nowhere. Like experiences that move from a...

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