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Blog: Designed Magic

The Strategy of Marks, Meaning, and the Transportation of Magic: Intentional Transformation In my history, and a string of blogs, I’ve commented on the notion of design, magic and their intertwinement. It’s been pointed out by some that such a discussion is infertile...

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Blog: The idea of attention

Exploring the concept of storytelling, and the nature of attentive reception: brand, life and design. If you’re telling a story, brand related or otherwise, who’s paying attention? Returning from a design summit, in Florida, there was a series of...

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Blog: Uplift

We’re all looking for the right answer, and the better outlook after the challenging sequences of the last couple of years. We’re looking for yes. Anytime you have an answer, there was a question before. And any question is a quest— it’s a journey, from one...

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