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Blog: The Sign That Has No Name

Rangelands, New Mexico — a long and blank expanse. Then there’s a sign. But it’s presuming something: you know where you’re going. I was transversing high desert rangelands, crossing the state, in a journey to a Monastery out in the desert. On the way there, I saw a...

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Blog: The signature

The signature is a marking, a signing, that links the gesture of the hand, the fingertips, the wrist, the arm to the mind. It’s a kind of drawing of the mind — your signature is the reflection of your intelligence. That is, I suppose, the character of...

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Blog: Signs and Meaning

The Context of Message, Framing of Context and Visualization I look for signs that aren’t signs — in a conventional sense — they tell another deeper story, but sigils that signal a message that stand for the nature of a place. Cairns, ovoo, iwakura no mononoke,...

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Blog: Hand Drawn Brush Signage

The Script of The Multi-Stroke Brush Lettering Old-style Grocery Signage Script When I began my career [1975,] I was a lettering artist, a sign-writer. I wasn’t a designer, I was more to a kind of tradesman. I had no idea about what design was, per se — I knew about...

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Blog: The Etymology of Design

The Thinking of Design, an Interior Journey into the Work and the Word: Sign the Signal, Scribe the Insignia, Script the Sigil and Designate the Signature. Drawing, scratching, scribbling, scarring and scripting – there are alignments in the movement and...

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