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Blog: James Turrell | Roden Crater

I first met James Turrell in the 70s. Maybe early 80s. And back then, along with Jim Olson, Carol Fuller, and the COCA board, which was just a little group of us, we’d conceived the idea of bringing James Turrell to Seattle to do an installation. And that he...

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Blog: James Turrell

James Turrell, Designer in Light The Guggenheim | NYC We have a lot of history with the legacy of Turrell — and real history, in terms of what we’ve done for Seattle in introducing Seattle to his work. Only about 28 years ago. Deanna and I were taking a...

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Blog: Hospitality: state of brands

What is the brand of place? I’ve thought, long and hard, about the idea of brand in place. Moreso, the concept of the contained generosity, in sharing, and the nature of the host, the hostess, in creating a place of content — made; that is: if...

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Blog: Nokiablue

Seen this? I’ve been shooting retail and designspace for a while — and I go in… The Nokia people didn’t like me in there, too much. And I go out. And then I send this to you. I do like the sheer presence of the blue, here — especially...

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