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GIRVIN | Strategic Branding & Design | New York

Blog: Focusing

Focusing: the Flow of Ideas, Strokes and Inspiration: Teaching Calligraphy and Designed Exploration A study of letterforms, the calligraphic drawing of educational references, paleography and alphabetic history, photographic brand boards, broadsides on rhythm and...

Blog: [The Art of Being Lost]

THE WAYFINDER’S ART. THE DESIGN OF SIGNS. Where to? The art of being lost and finding your way. I WAS LOST, NOW I AM FOUND. What of the emotionality of that experience — I’m lost? I’m found. I’m finding my way? To pleas of positioning and geographic self...

Blog: Qualia

Qualia: Yves Klein International Blue, Beauty and States of Being. Examining Sensation[alism,] Perception, Beauty and the Story of The Brand — human, color and otherwise Le Saut dans le Vide (Leap into the Void); Photomontage by Harry Shunk of a performance by Yves...

Blog: Spice and Perfume

The Legacy of Fragrance Design and Perfume, Taste Innovation and Spice Strategy In a workshop in Oregon, we studied the layering of taste and scent in new product development innovation summits. What came clear in the study group was a kind of synaesthesia of...

Blog: Simple Design

Can you do that style? Earlier in my career [1976,] as a advertising studio illustrator, comp[rehensive] packaging artist, headline drafter [for rough ad layouts] and an occasional calligrapher, I got that line, as a request. “Can you do that style?” “Sure I can.” It...