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Blog: You Never Know

You just never know. Meditations on exploration and the beauty of being lost, and finding again. As much as you think — “it will go this way” — it just might not. And that way that it does go, it seems, just might be the way that it is meant to be. There are paths,...

Blog: Soul Finding

BEARING YOUR SOUL DIGGING IN FOR THE SOUL OF BRANDS I was writing a piece, earlier today, on the concept of baring — that idea of revealing, versus the other similarly sounding expression of bearing — which is more like “carrying” something. To bare, to lay open,...

Blog: The Whorl Stone — the Rock That Turns

THE STONE THAT TURNS AND TURNS AGAIN. When a map becomes clear, there’s a path that could be drawn. It might not be for all to see. Others might see it, take those fragile steps into the unknown — and some: never again venture into the risk of the unseen, the...

Blog: The Turning Path

WHICH WAY, GO YOU? THE TURNING PATH THE PATH THAT TURNS, AND TURNS AGAIN. EVERY TIME, BACK TO A PLACE. SNOW IS FALLING. A DEEPER COLD EMERGES. And, in the blinding snow, the sun is so bright that the trees are lit from beneath, it’s a brilliant day. Light filled. Out...

Blog: The Light Finder

THE BIRTH OF LIGHT THE QUEST AND THE LEGENDS OF THE LIGHT FINDER I was holding light, an illumination that reminded me of a salamander of the luminous, curling like an embryo — light lizard. This, on a full-mooned night, the radiance spilling down and lighting the...