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Blog: Brand Magnetism

What do you know? The mystery of mind, message and meaning. I was thinking about that question — someone asked me: “well, what’cha know?” And I contemplated the depth of the question. It’s just as powerful as “what’s your story?” I thought about it: “really, what do I...

Blog: Cloud Atlas | The Cloud Mind of Cumularity

The Brand, the Mind, the Memory Cloud mind: the metaphor of fluent vapor — the clouded allegory in the context of computing, burgeoning creative, a multiplicity of minds: amassed. Everywhere, the process of strategy, design and brand is an intermixture of allegory,...

Blog: Brand and Mind

3M: Memory, Mental and Meaning. Sometimes we push a proposition in our work on brandspace that fails to take into consideration the bridging to a human scenario of mindfulness, meaning and the context of memory. All are — as would be obvious — aligned. But the notion...

Blog: The Perfume of the Forest

The Pitch for the Pitch; Resins, Sap and Crushed Conifer In the storm, the fragranced molecules of the woods come alive. A shower of pollens, wood dust, and if the storm is fevered enough, conifers snap needles, deciduous trees shear branches and leaves, bark curls...

Blog: The ring

The metaphor of the Rod, the Ring, the Line, the Circle. I think symbolically: when I try to find the answer to a problem, I draw it out. And for me, it’s that: “drawing it out.” Like a string, a line, a movement. A dance. The idea of a stroke having...