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Blog: This Is For You

The Power of Person to Person I was working in San Francisco, walking the streets of Chinatown and contemplating the nature of the work that we all do. It’s a gate, to a bridge, a point of transition — from one step to another. And the portal to a person....

Blog: I Am the Forest, I Am The Tree

The Clustering of Customers, the Typing of People, From the One to the Many As a veteran of hundreds of hours of focus groups, sessions, store interceptions and onsite consumer reviews, I find a forest, but am I close enough to the tree? I was thinking about this the...

Blog: The flow of Flowers

Drawing People [in] with Flowers, the Flow of Story in the Craft of Rendering Ideas In my beginnings, I drew flowers — and sold them as art pieces and gifts; then, at Christmas, I did groupings of flowers, silkscreened and signed in limited editions of...


Studying the nature of surveillance | the lookout, the sentinel, the scout (and the brand). S E N T I N E L  F O R  T H E  B R A N D Looking out: over the shifting world, there is what is flowing out — the push; and what is flowing in — the pull. The...