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Blog: The ring of bone

For maybe some 25 years I’ve been collecting zenga. These are the paintings of Zen masters. They are of the haboku style, which is the most captivating, to my aesthetic, which is called “broken ink”. It’s about saying something in nothing....

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Blog: Symbolic Emblems

SYMBOLIC EMBLEMS FOR INTERIORS: DESIGNING TALISMANS FOR A PLACE The Journey of Design, Place-making and Creative Environments: Archetypal Signage and Magical Badges As any designer knows, to brand and experience design, there is a link between storytelling and...

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DESIGNING BOOKS AROUND THE CONTEMPLATION OF THE MOMENTARY It’s been said that haiku are the quintessentially delicate framings of momentary meditations on instances of fleeting revelations, tripartite in two ways: three meditations, as well as kigo (Japanese,...

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