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Project: AquaStar

AquaStar Can you tier brand product offerings in a succession of offerings? GIRVIN’s strategy and design teams worked sequentially on a line of offerings from the innovation kitchens and shelf strategies of AquaStar—from branding and packaging nearly all of their...

Project: Unionbay

UNIONBAY To emotionally connect with its current audience, Unionbay underwent a brand metamorphosis and renewal. The GIRVIN team led the transformation that superseded the usual pursuit of merely changing a thematic look and delved deeper by exploring the emotional...
Salumeria Rosi

Project: Salumeria Rosi

Salumeria The Rosi family, represented by their market director for the U.S., approached GIRVIN in 2007 to begin the strategic exploration of a concept of a retail salumeria, for in-room dining and take out, in NYC. GIRVIN’s group, working in NYC as well as Seattle,...
Frank’s Red Hot Caesar

Project: Frank’s Red Hot Caesar

Frank’s RedHot Caesar GIRVIN partnered with Foundry Brands, a newly-founded beverage brand management group, legacy-empowered from VinCor and Mark Anthony Group, to support the brand-building of a new offering: vodka in an alliance with the classic tomato-based...

Project: Fra’mani

FRA’MANI Renowned chef Paul Bertolli consulted with Girvin for the development of a comprehensive strategic branding and packaging program for the creation of a new story, a brand from scratch, literally, in the building of a product grouping. Paul’s...