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Blog: Start-up Wisdom

Start-up Brand Lessons from Steve Jobs, the Wachowski Brothers and Stan Lee. By Tim Girvin — with Social Media commentaries and recommendations by Fletcher Helle When there is a lesson to be learned, listening makes for the best course of cumulative action. Learn and...

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Blog: Letter Mist

The Character of the Alphabet and the Maze of Knowing, the Real and Uncertain. What’s real, anyway? And — to the question of “any way, which?” what is the right “reading”? There’s a mystery in the alphabet — one, ages...

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Blog: Uplift

We’re all looking for the right answer, and the better outlook after the challenging sequences of the last couple of years. We’re looking for yes. Anytime you have an answer, there was a question before. And any question is a quest— it’s a journey, from one...

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