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Project: Fungi Perfecti

Fungi Perfecti The Challenge Chasing the vast mycelium For decades, Paul Stamets has been renowned as a passionate believer in the power of fungi not only for both human health and and ecosystems planet-wide. As an avid scientific researcher, author, natural forager...

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Blog: Signs and Meaning

The Context of Message, Framing of Context and Visualization I look for signs that aren’t signs — in a conventional sense — they tell another deeper story, but sigils that signal a message that stand for the nature of a place. Cairns, ovoo, iwakura no mononoke,...

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Blog: The Aesthetics of Aging

The Beauty of Rust Antiquity, Utility, Wabi Sabi and Beauty In one person’s eyes, as an object gets older, it cracks, it discolors — and it might rust. Okay, one approach — toss it out. Get rid of it. And contrary to that — another more classical line of thinking:...

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Blog: The Aesthetics of Rust

Wabi Sabi and Beauty There is a perspective that things that have lived for a long time are worthy of respect and admiration. Old is more beautiful. You can’t fake old. Wabi Sabi. That Japanese principle of beauty in age comes to a reflection of two principles —...

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