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Blog: Altaring Time

The Exploration of Personal Journey and Ritualizing Experience Getting to the soul of things. What is a thing? I’ve wondered about that. A thing. T H I N G  O.E. Ãlthing “meeting, assembly,” later...

Blog: The Center of the World

ARCHITECTURAL SYMBOLISM, METAPHOR AND CENTERING Walking a old, forested Buddhist compound outside of Tokyo, I was told that the temple site was a specially sacred site — and one that was anciently...

Blog: All that Wander

ALL THAT WANDER SHALL BE FOUND The Quest for Metaphor, Personal Symbolism and the Iconography of Journey IN THE WORK ON BRAND, the questing strategist invariably finds that — besides the...

Blog: The Learning of a Day

What I have learned in one day is t h a t : ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– E V E R Y D A Y i s a J O U R N E Y [SMALL OR LARGE] ––– That: however long, difficult or winding these stairs might...

Blog: The Color Red

A JOURNEY OF MAKING: SIGNALING THE POINT OF ENTRY I’ve been working on a string of projects that think about entry — about doorways, about sequences in — ways of finding the outside skin: the way...