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Blog: Altaring Time

The Exploration of Personal Journey and Ritualizing Experience Getting to the soul of things. What is a thing? I’ve wondered about that. A thing. T H I N G  O.E. Ãlthing “meeting, assembly,” later “entity, being, matter” (subject of deliberation in an assembly), also...

Blog: The Center of the World

ARCHITECTURAL SYMBOLISM, METAPHOR AND CENTERING Walking a old, forested Buddhist compound outside of Tokyo, I was told that the temple site was a specially sacred site — and one that was anciently “magical.” The idea of spirit spaces, places that have special power,...

Blog: The Design of Shadows

DESIGNING THE SHADOW WORLD What Have You Seen of the Shadow World? In any journey, the question is never just what is on the surface, but what lies behind and beneath. It’s never about what you see in clarity alone, but what lies behind the Light. And what the Light...

Blog: All that Wander

ALL THAT WANDER SHALL BE FOUND The Quest for Metaphor, Personal Symbolism and the Iconography of Journey IN THE WORK ON BRAND, the questing strategist invariably finds that — besides the fundamentals of commerce — there are deeper values to the work: there is a...

Blog: The Handmade Journey | Calligraphy

Sometimes you go back to go forward There’s a noun that is oftentimes used in contemporary parlance: “creatives,” as a description for those that work in creative and maker space. It’s an interesting idea, using an adjective as a noun, but it works. I was sitting at a...