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When you see something, does a scent come to mind? Sensing synaesthesia — the sensation of perfumed visualization. For a long time, we’ve been fascinated by the idea of hearing color, tasting sound, touching scent — the notion, rather the condition,...

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Blog: Spice and Perfume

The Legacy of Fragrance Design and Perfume, Taste Innovation and Spice Strategy In a workshop in Oregon, we studied the layering of taste and scent in new product development innovation summits. What came clear in the study group was a kind of synaesthesia of...

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Blog: The Seeing Hand

And the Emotions of The Skin The realm of touch and brand holism. There are people that talk about their 360º branding experience. I talk to them, walk a ways with them. And watch. When you think about brand experience, the query point will be what feeling does the...

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