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GIRVIN | Strategic Branding & Design | New York

Blog: Surprise!

Brands that come from nowhere that surprise, alarm, and boom on the scene as spectacle. Or breeze in, quiet as the fog, a shadow of revelation. What have you seen that came on you as a surprise — out-of-the-blue, amazing, extraordinary, marvel-making and wonderment?...

Blog: Hand Drawn Brush Signage

The Script of The Multi-Stroke Brush Lettering Old-style Grocery Signage Script When I began my career [1975,] I was a lettering artist, a sign-writer. I wasn’t a designer, I was more to a kind of tradesman. I had no idea about what design was, per se — I knew about...

Blog: Logomania

Brands, Logos, Communities Being in the business of design, and with a long history of work in the translation of the storytelling of brands into graphical interpretations, the logotype is at the center of brand style. And while there might be many layers of...

Blog: Emergency Branding

Brand Medicine, 101. In our history, there are times when brand, their organic systems, begin to falter. — They don’t speak to a community, or they forgot who they were talking to, what they were relating, carrying a story and a product to a certain audience. As in...

Blog: 7 YEARS: The iPhone and Vogue

PRODUCT STRATEGY, INDUSTRIAL DESIGN, FASHION, AND THEIR INTERTWINEMENT I was thinking about my relationship with the micro-camera, which — for years, that was a folio of 10s of 1,000s of photographs. After clearing out my files, and reducing the collections, I’m still...