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Blog: You Never Know

You just never know. Meditations on exploration and the beauty of being lost, and finding again. As much as you think — “it will go this way” — it just might not. And that way that it does go, it seems, just might be the way that it is meant to be. There are paths,...


PLACEMAKING AND JOURNEYS ………………….. WORKING + BEING IN A CERTAIN PLACE — A JOURNEY OF FINDING. When you get some where, what do you find? There’s one critical point, to the idea of working in other places in the world and that is learning to be there: work there,...

Blog: The Turning Path

WHICH WAY, GO YOU? THE TURNING PATH THE PATH THAT TURNS, AND TURNS AGAIN. EVERY TIME, BACK TO A PLACE. SNOW IS FALLING. A DEEPER COLD EMERGES. And, in the blinding snow, the sun is so bright that the trees are lit from beneath, it’s a brilliant day. Light filled. Out...

Blog: The Sign That Has No Name

Rangelands, New Mexico — a long and blank expanse. Then there’s a sign. But it’s presuming something: you know where you’re going. I was transversing high desert rangelands, crossing the state, in a journey to a Monastery out in the desert. On the way there, I saw a...

Blog: Wander and Wonder

Finding A Way Out, That Could Be a Way In This, above, is a sign from my office; it’s from the London Underground. And below, another example. What I liked about it — the image at the head of this missive, and put a photo in my journal, is the inverted rendering of...