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Blog: The Mother

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY Celebrating the Mysteries of The Mother In my journey thus far, I’ve studied the hand-making of things, the creative molding process as a person driven and bidden by the magic spell of making. But that making is a deeper realm, held in the...

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Blog: The Concept of The Thing

What is the thing? As in every thing, I begin as a writer, I look into the heart and history of words, to learn more about their original heat — what was their sparking ignition? I contemplate my use of many words as deeper meditations on patterning. Where did the...

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Blog: Happy Mother's Day

The Mothering of The Mother In my journey, I’ve studied the creative molding process as a man driven and bidden by the magicspell of making. In college, the 70s, I read Erich Neumann’s monumental undertaking “The Great Mother” which was...

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Blog: Are you a Lone Ranger?

In the Journey, who is your companion? Who is your guardian, your guide, your icon, your shepherding guide? Me? Raven and crow, telling. We’ve noted in an earlier blog study, that we’ve been involved in the Lone Ranger, as designers, in the past —...

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Blog: windows

The symbolism of the window Thinking design / portals of storytelling / brand / story / insight. In the window to experience, you see in: in=sight. In the window to the object: circumspect — you walk around, surveil from the circumference. In the window to the...

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