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GIRVIN | Strategic Branding & Design | Seattle

GIRVIN | Strategic Branding & Design | New York

Blog: Who Do You Love?

Love Brands: Relationships, Commitments and Storytelling. I did this installation, out on a cliff, away from everything, looking out — the deep blue sea. And the sun. And I was “looking through L O V E,” thinking about that ancient question: “who do you...

Blog: The Aesthetics of Rust

Wabi Sabi and Beauty There is a perspective that things that have lived for a long time are worthy of respect and admiration. Old is more beautiful. You can’t fake old. Wabi Sabi. That Japanese principle of beauty in age comes to a reflection of two principles —...

Blog: The Shimmering

A Person, a Presence, a Brand I was working outside of the city, treasure-hunting. Actually, I was working inside a brand, their teams, looking for treasure — those glimmering and glistening points of compassed reference, the surveilled pin-pricks of a brand mapping,...

Blog: I’m Lost

The Beauty of Being Lost and Finding Found The signs that point to nowhere. Earlier, I was in Paris — I was working in an area that I was relatively familiar with — off Musée du Louvre, not far from the Seine. I’d been there, staying there, working many times,...

Blog: The Watch and the Sphere of Focus

The Study of Watch Fullness, Surveilling the Terrain Around You. Really, what are you looking at? In the real construct of study, what are you really looking at? I look for allegory and metaphor, inspiration and insight in the journey of the day. Every day, a journey....


The twists and turns of meaning — drawn knowledge. In teaching workshops on the alphabet, and especially finding your own place in the quintessential expression of the YOU, in alphabetic form — the flow of your presence. What I believe is that each person has traits...


THE MOST EXPENSIVE PERFUME IN THE WORLD A happier scent. It might be said that the most valuable perfume there could be would be your personal scent — the layering of molecular expressions that gather everything from your being, your roadwork, scenes seen — the way...

Blog: Looking for Magic

The quest for the magical — in craft, design, business strategies and brand. In a manner, the work that we all do is a quest — the pursuit of a question to be answered, the pathway to a question contained, opened and discovered. What we all do, and what we craft as...

Blog: How Strong Is Your Brand?

Resilience, strength, responsiveness Brands, given their human provenance, have human character in their attitude. A brand doesn’t simply move along of its own accord, it’s not a robotic unit, it’s fired and fueled by humans on both sides of the equation. People...