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Blog: RUIN PORN — What Did You Do Now?

The Beauty of Ruination — the Quest for Damage The fascination with ruins. The beauty of that which was. When one hears that phrase, “brand new” it usually implies that which is bright and shiny — freshly made, just out of the mould. I tend not to have much interest...


The Quest for the Hidden, the Secret and the Occult In the journey — for each of us — we might find a certain fascination with that which isn’t allowed, that which is hidden, forbidden, the dark. Fascination speaks, in its history, to fire and spellbinding,...

Blog: The Mother

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY Celebrating the Mysteries of The Mother In my journey thus far, I’ve studied the hand-making of things, the creative molding process as a person driven and bidden by the magic spell of making. But that making is a deeper realm, held in the...

Blog: You Could Get to Yes

A Meditation on An Answer I was listening to a toddler, who happens to be my year-old grandson Ellis, and he was saying “No.” Meanwhile, my other, first-received 4-year-old grandson Isaiah has a special way of saying “Yes.” It’s a precise diction he offers. He says it...

Blog: The Heart in the Hand

The hand with heart holds more I was wandering, looking down old alleys, plazas and ancient streets. And I spied an old friend. The Hamsa. خمسة | חַמְסָה The Five. I used to wear one of these in college, during another phase of talismanic connection. I lost it...