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Blog: Treasure Finding

In the Quest for Light, Being Beauty and the Carrying of Story Reach in and ponder. Wander. And gather up what might be otherwise undiscovered. I recall a couple of years back, in the mountains of the Himalaya, visiting a remote monastery, I met a tertön. Treasure...

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Blog: The Mother

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY Celebrating the Mysteries of The Mother In my journey thus far, I’ve studied the hand-making of things, the creative molding process as a person driven and bidden by the magic spell of making. But that making is a deeper realm, held in the...

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Blog: The Whorl Stone — the Rock That Turns

THE STONE THAT TURNS AND TURNS AGAIN. When a map becomes clear, there’s a path that could be drawn. It might not be for all to see. Others might see it, take those fragile steps into the unknown — and some: never again venture into the risk of the unseen, the...

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Blog: Hey You, Look Over Here!

Look Deep. The Art of Seeing In. I was looking at some stones that I’d drawn on, and I realized that “seeing” was a frequent reference — I draw on a stone and leave it out as a re-minder. Looking out for these — or any marked stone — white-granite-veined X or O...

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