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Blog: Love the New

And Recall the Old Strategies of brand innovation and evolution patterning. Newness. Wowness. Feelingness. Going forward and going back in the quest for the newness of change. IN THE JOURNEY OF ANY ONE, THE QUEST FOR THE NEW WILL BE IN THE HEART, AND THE HEAT, OF...

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INTENTIONALLY BLANK? I found this in a hospital room. And I was thinking, “what is it for, really?” This room is intentionally supposed to be blank? Empty? An interesting discovery for a patient. Welcome? You’re here, but you’re not supposed to...

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Blog: What Do You Wonder At?

Wonderment and Wow. I realized that for me, the sense of wow, and the state of wowness, suggests the bridge to wonderment. I’ve written about wow in the past. Wow is a Scottish word from the 1500s — and it links to amazement. One might suggest that to be...

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Blog: POW[ER]

Designing spectacle SPECTACLE, LITERALLY, LIES IN THE EYE OF THE BEHOLDER. The more experienced the viewer is, the more that person has seen, therein the difference in the appearance of that which is seen, which is, literally, the spectacle. Studying spectacular...

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Blog: Uplift

We’re all looking for the right answer, and the better outlook after the challenging sequences of the last couple of years. We’re looking for yes. Anytime you have an answer, there was a question before. And any question is a quest— it’s a journey, from one...

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