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Blog: Going Deeper

Spelunking Brands There is a patterning that one can see in caves, the geolocational strata, stones, layers, sediments, ice, water, rivers and concretions — as an explorer of caves, it’s kind of...

Blog: Omakase Branding

“This is what I expect to pay.” Earlier in my life, during my entry into the Japanese market, I studied Japanese with an assistant professor of Asian Linguistic Studies from the University of...

Blog: The Seeing Hand

And the Emotions of The Skin The realm of touch and brand holism. There are people that talk about their 360º branding experience. I talk to them, walk a ways with them. And watch. When you think...

Blog: Logomania

Brands, Logos, Communities Being in the business of design, and with a long history of work in the translation of the storytelling of brands into graphical interpretations, the logotype is at the...

Blog: Emergency Branding

Brand Medicine, 101. In our history, there are times when brand, their organic systems, begin to falter. — They don’t speak to a community, or they forgot who they were talking to, what they were...