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Blog: The Turning Path

WHICH WAY, GO YOU? THE TURNING PATH THE PATH THAT TURNS, AND TURNS AGAIN. EVERY TIME, BACK TO A PLACE. SNOW IS FALLING. A DEEPER COLD EMERGES. And, in the blinding snow, the sun is so bright that the trees are lit from beneath, it’s a brilliant day. Light filled. Out...

Blog: The Sign That Has No Name

Rangelands, New Mexico — a long and blank expanse. Then there’s a sign. But it’s presuming something: you know where you’re going. I was transversing high desert rangelands, crossing the state, in a journey to a Monastery out in the desert. On the way there, I saw a...

Blog: Can you get thru?

The inward and outward flow of brand experience design. I was trying to make a connection with a team, a brand, and — like most of you — I was on-hold, then waiting, then holding, then waiting — and finally; and I was passed along to another, who had no clue about my...

Blog: What could be worse?

There are bad signs, and then there are worse signs. In the journey of a designer of signing and related environmental graphics — the core point of the design strategy is storytelling — the story might be: this is the place; go here, do not go here, you...

Blog: The Tarot of Your Journey

Designing Divination — the Craft of your Path Built by Hand and Shown in the Throw The pick of the draw — and the drawing out, the woven journey, the thread of path, and the cartography of the psyche. What you see is what you get; what you get is what you...