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Blog: Rippling

The Waves of Brand Story from the Light When I walk into a place, I think about what I feel. When I watch a person — in my room, my immediate space, I watch them wholly. When I look at, read a story, I try to sense it, that telling, before I do anything else. I...

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Blog: The Wisdom of The Ancients

While I was walking in the woods, the ancient layers told me their stories. [Image above by Justin Kern, altered by Dawn Clark, AIA, LEED AP] When I was young, in NY, my parents took me to the New York City Museum of Natural History [AMNS.] This was a whim reaching to...

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IS THERE SOMETHING ABOUT FLOWERS—THAT, FOR PEOPLE, IS ATTRACTIVE—AS IT IS FOR BEES AND OTHER INSECTS? SOME NOTES ON THE SYMBOLISM OF FLOWERS. As we all know, various flowers have symbolic virtues— the rose stands for something, the lily, another. But I’m curious about...

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Blog: All that Wander

ALL THAT WANDER SHALL BE FOUND The Quest for Metaphor, Personal Symbolism and the Iconography of Journey IN THE WORK ON BRAND, the questing strategist invariably finds that — besides the fundamentals of commerce — there are deeper values to the work: there is a...

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I’m looking for paths. The turning — Every thing turns and spins in its order. What? That? I’ve been out, looking at the stars, pondering the turning — and now, the great waves, that roar and roll, persistently. Listening to the water — the turning and churning, waves...

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Blog: Ebola and Rebranding

EBOLA AND BRANDING OR REBRANDING. I was talking to a GIRVIN colleague about the CDC’s management of the Ebola viral spread — from Africa, now stateside. That might be a question to rebranding [the CDC — to reliability,] as well. We’d talked about the legacy of their...

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