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Blog: Brian Eno | Ambience, Sound & Scent

Studying the world of Brian Eno: scent, strategy, music and environment in experience design and contemplation. Image Copyright, Apple Computer, Inc., © 2008, all rights reserved. “Humans are capable of a unique trick: creating realities by first imagining them,...

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Blog: The Perfume of Sex

ROUGH TRADE #2 The Sense of Scent in the Most Profound and Personal Encounter (The second of two essays on unusual scent strategies) The design of the scents of evocation and emulation, storytelling legendary experiences It’s been said that perfume is the...

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BRAND RISK AND THE ADVENTURE OF ADVANCEMENT These days, who’s not fearful? Things feel uncomfortably out of control, challenging events are happening. Talking to some, this could be an exemplar expression for last year. Then too, speaking with others, it could’ve been...

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