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Blog: Dazzlement | a study in camouflage

What is the nature of the design of camouflage? Who designs it, and how does it work? The French cruiser Gloire A colleague of mine, pointed out an intriguing effort to abstractly camouflage boats during WWI with elaborate geometric rippling, reflective patterning....

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Blog: Jeff Han / New interface | TED

HI. I thought about you when exploring this idea. Imagine large scale hand and fingertip gestures in managing, enlarging, reducing and exploring digital imagery files, transparently, on a massive screen, shared in action, two people, with multiple imagery controls in...

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Blog: Surfaces

Okay, so I’ve got to open the Microsoft launch notations with a link to: P O P U L A R Mechanics. Might be interesting to explore the concept of Surfaces | Project Milan, Microsoft’s recent pronouncement. And you can find good content there. But what I...

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