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Blog: Instant imagery

The immediate illustration of place and being. Finding the moment, in momentum Image above, an instant | Jakarta, Indonesia | Girvin I contemplate the instantaneous — and the drawing out of the drawn, the painted or scratched statement of the moment, closely...

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Blog: The Rainbow Garden of Herbs

A LEGACY AND LETTERFORM LANDMARK FOR RAINBOW MAGAZINE CALLIGRAPHY AS MAGIC When it comes up to it, the making of marks is an inherently magical proposition; that is: magic is definable as a insight and plane changer. It transforms perception and meaning in the...

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Blog: Force Fullness

THE SENSE OF PUSH. AND PULL. AND PLAY. Sometimes, in the strength of the passionate moment, the voice of the impassioned telling — accentuating the potent momentum — there’s a need for force. FORCE ACTIVATES. And force can captivate. Enchantment: As the energy passes...

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Blog: Posting posters

Billboarding, postering the story in the story in the story. [Imagery from PSFK] We’ve designed dozens of posters, an earlier legacy of work. But we love this Black Sabbath promotion, pointed out by Daniela Walker and “DaBitch.” As Daniela notes,...

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